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Paul Knoepfler is a biomedical scientist, science writer, advocate, and cancer survivor.

Mission. His philosophy is to make a transformative positive difference in biomedical science and wider communities both through innovative research and via novel approaches to educational outreach and policy.

His research interests are primarily focused on the epigenomics of cancer and stem cells with a particular focus on pediatric tumors and especially childhood brain tumors (see Knoepfler Lab page here).

Knoepfler is a Professor at UC Davis School of Medicine in the Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy (see Departmental Page here).

At UC Davis he is also a faculty member of the Genome Center, the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Institute for Regenerative Cures (aka UC Davis Stem Cell Center), and the Institute for Pediatric Regenerative Medicine at Shriners Hospital for Children of Northern California.

He received his BA in English Literature from Reed College and PhD from UCSD School of Medicine in Molecular Pathology in the lab of Mark Kamps.

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