The International Cell Surgical Society

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The International Cell Surgical Society (ICSS) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to promote autologous stem cell therapy and the advancement of regenerative medicine.

The ICSS serves the regenerative medical community through establishing standards for the practice of cell-based medicine, providing improved oversight by an HHS approved institutional review board bio-ethics committee, comprised of world renowned scientists and professionals, supporting ongoing vital physician education, and supporting basic research.

The ICSS supports the vision of regenerative medical therapies based on our own bodies’ healing abilities should be available to everyone who might benefit from such treatments.

Advancing Cell Medicine

At the ICSS, funds are being used TODAY to directly help patients by supporting some of the essential basic research used on autologous (our own) stem cells. In 2016, ICSS has collaborated with Chinese affiliates to support ground-breaking research on spinal cord injury using fat derived stem cells directly into the patient’s spinal cord with amazing results.

The ICSS also granted approval for a cancer study for patients with solid tumors, as well as an ALS study using a patient’s nucleated plasma. The ICSS has also continued supporting a study on the effects of concussion in rats to determine whether autologous stem cells mitigate the brain changes that are seen after head injury.

Moreover, as part of a serious commitment to community outreach, the ICSS has helped wounded warriors receive stem cell treatments at no cost.

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