HHMI BioInteractive

Here is a quick guide to some of our resources:

Short Films: Short (15 to 30 minutes long) broadcast-quality films designed to engage students. Each one tells a different scientific story and is supported by supplemental resources including teacher guides and activities.

Holiday Lectures: Each series contains full-length lectures on a specific topic given by top scientists working at the cutting edge of scientific research. The lectures include graphics and animations to help engage students and explain difficult scientific concepts.

Virtual Labs: Students use real scientific research techniques in a virtual lab environment and identify bacteria based on its DNA, construct a transgenic fruit fly, and measure traits in fossil fish to record evolutionary change.

Click & Learns: Interactive tutorials on particular topics that contains video clips, images, and animations to explain concepts.

Classroom Resources: A wide range of documents for use in the classroom to support our short films and Holiday Lectures. They include hands-on activities, bioinformatics exercises, classroom posters, and more.

Teacher Guides: Comprehensive guides to our resources written by a classroom teacher. Download the teacher guides and peruse through the pages to plan your lesson, download the hands-on activity instructions, and download animations or video clips to paste right into your PowerPoint presentation!

Many of our resources are targeted to a high school and undergraduate audience but can be easily adapted to different levels of instruction. They can be used in a flipped, blended, or traditional classroom.

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