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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News is the flagship publication of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Launched in 1980, GEN was the first publication in this field and remains the key driver in the explosion of the industry, paving the way for the development of new technologies and applications, investment growth, and career opportunities. With 37 years of publishing experience, GEN maintains unrivaled integrity, influence, and expertise that plays a pivotal role in driving the productivity and growth of the industry.

Through its cornerstone Magazine, high-frequency newsletters, and dynamic suite of multimedia resources, GEN is the 360-degree resource that researchers and executives depend on for information that is pivotal for their organization’s success.

GEN’s breadth of editorial coverage is unrivaled in the industry, providing exclusive coverage of the entire bioproduct lifecycle across five key pillars: Drug Discovery, Bioprocessing, OMICS, Translational Medicine, and Gene Editing.

Within these areas, GEN delivers critical, high-quality reporting on the latest industry news; insider information on emerging tools and products; industry-standard tutorials and technical articles on assays, drug discovery, sequencing, genome editing, immunotherapy, and bioprocessing; a first look at emerging industry collaborations; on-site reports from key scientific and industry meetings; and The Lists, our exclusive monthly roundups of top companies, products, and movers & shakers impacting the industry today.

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